Wednesday, February 13, 2013

That's how I roll scrapbook page

Happy Valentine's Eve greetings, everyone? How are you as we near the (almost) half-way mark of February? I wish I could say that things had improved overall from where they were at in January for us, but so far they really haven't. No sense in bemoaning what's happened or what cannot be changed, but it would be rather lovely if the overall tempo (of positivity) and spirit of this year decided to pick up some time soon!

At the moment I'm not feeling very well due to one of my medical problems really acting up. I'm going to be going in for surgery next month for this condition (I'm slatted to have surgery on March 12th, but am on call in case a sooner date becomes available, so if I suddenly vanish from my usual online activities at a moment's notice, that's likely why), and will be taking a brief blogging break (from all my sites) in the days afterwards so that I don't push myself too hard (something I'm very prone to doing) while I'm recouping. (I'm planning on posting here again before then, unless I do get called and told to come in on an earlier date), but just wanted to give you a bit of an advanced head's up.

No one likes to go under the knife, but I'm (as much as one can) looking forward to this procedure and hope that it will help bring me some very much needed pain and symptom relief. In the meantime though, I hope to have at least a day or two where I feel up to crafting, as there's few things on earth that bring me more joy than sitting down in my craft room to create a new project.

A little earlier this year I had the chance to do just that when I created a scrapbook page featuring one of my baby photos. This page is devoted to the fact that, from day one of my life, I've always had a very independent nature. I might be a shy, quiet homebody most of the time, but that doesn't mean I don't have a fiercely independent spirit and desire to always blaze my own trail.

That's how I roll shabby chic layered scrapbook page

I was pretty rough on the day when I took this photo and wasn't able to stand up long enough to do detail shots as well (sorry about that, I do try to grab a few detail shots for my layouts whenever possible).

I went with a soft palette and subtly vintage inspired embellishments and papers here, as they complimented the classic baby carriage in the photo really nicely. The cute little corrugated butterflies are from Jilly Bean Soup, the delicately crocheted wool trim is from Prima, and the Pearl Swirls are from Zva (if you’d like details on anything else, please don’t hesitate to ask).

Scrapbooking my own baby photos is something that I truly love doing, especially since I don’t have any wee ones of my own to make pages for yet. There’s something profound and beautiful about looking at yourself at such a young age – the world completely ahead of you still – and reflecting on how you’ve changed, what’s stayed the same, how your life played out and what you might tell yourself if you could go back in time.

I’d be sure to tell this little lady to keep on doing what she’s always done, keep the independent spirit going strong now matter what challenges, curve balls, and obstacles life threw at her.

Thinking of all of you, my sweet scrapbooking friends, and sending tons of joyful Valentine’s Day wishes your way!


  1. adorable page, so love all the bling and lace, gorgeous , have a great day :)

  2. Hi

    Your page is wonderful,so soft and with so many fab details.
    Lovely colours too and love the the cute photo :):)

    Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog,:):)

    Wish you a lovely valentine day and weekend:):)


  3. Oh Jessica, what a lovely page, so delicate and filled with amazing details!! Darling photo, too! Sorry thing have been hard for you recently. I'm praying for you. ~ Blessings, Tracey

  4. Hello Jessica, I've missed your creations at, where I usually view your work but noticed a blog address and have found you here! So, I've had a good old nosy around now and wanted to say I adore your cards - there's something about how you use colour that appeals to me and my style. Thankyou for sharing your inspiring LO's and cards! I hope things are going well - I'm sending you some positive sparkly vibes from Bonnie Scotland to help you on your way!
    Thanks, Jacqui

  5. Hello Jessica, Thank you for stopping by. I did not know you had a scrapbooking blog also :) I'll have to backtrack and check it out! I love what you did with that picture of you in the baby carriage...all the details...beautiful!

  6. You make such beautiful cards!


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