Monday, March 11, 2013

Wishing you a beautiful birthday card

Dear month, any time you want to stop whizzing past at the speed of light, that would be fantastic. Thanks! Sincerely, Jessica!

Ok, silly opening lines aside, it rather amazing how fast time has flown past since my last post here in February, nearly a full month ago. As you may recall, I mentioned in that post how I was planning to go in for surgery on March 12th and that I said I'd keep you in the loop about it as that date neared closer.

Unfortunately however, my surgery date had to be rescheduled recently because I recently came down with a very bad flu and it was a lot safer to hold off on having the operation until after I'd recovered from the flu and my breathing was back to normal. While I had very much wanted to get this surgery done and over with this month, it's only been bumped ahead a few weeks, and is now scheduled to take place on April 16th (assuming - knock wood - that nothing comes along to alter that date again, as I truly hope it does not).

Between the flu and various flare-ups, I was out of commission big time throughout almost all of February and the start of March. Little change yet there honestly, but at least I'm slowly starting to shake off the flu (which I'd say was probably the second worst I've ever had). As a result, I haven't been able to do any crafting however the past few weeks, however earlier in the year, I made a fun, vibrant birthday card for a dear friend of mine who lives in the States, which I'm delighted to share with all of you here today.

Wishing you a beautiful birthday card with purple ribbon, Prima flowers and chipboard swirls (for Lori's birthday)

I really, really like the colour palette at work here. It's warm, rich, captivating and thoroughly lovely to work with (I kept several of the products used on this card out, instead of putting them back when I was finished with the card, as I hope to make a scrapbook page in the same palette in the not-too-distant future). If I was going to assign a name to the style and palette of this birthday card, I'd called Moroccan shabby chic.

The sun finally returned here in a real way this past Saturday. Though the temperature wasn't all that toasty (I think we got up to around 8 or 9C), the gentle, subtly warm sunshine felt like a gift from the gods, and really helped inject a dose of much needed energy back into my spirit. I hope that the pleasant weather continues, the last traces of vintage vanish quickly, and the rest of March plays out more enjoyable - and on a healthy note - that the past few weeks have.

Just as I said in my previous post, I plan to post again before my surgery to let you know that things are progressing as slatted. In case this is my last post before the end of March, I'd love to take a moment right now to wish all of you an absolutely beautiful, serene, meaningful Easter celebration. I really hope that you all have fantastic Easter filled with the sweetest of treats and loveliest of family gatherings.


  1. the birthday for sure was beautiful only because your friend received a card as charming, unique and adorable like this from you!

  2. Gorgeous and lovely card,beautiful design and I love your flowers:):)

    Lovely work!

    Happy Easter:)


  3. This is so pretty! I'm missing your gorgeous creations! xo

  4. Hello, Jessica - I was wondering how you were feeling and dropped in to your blog as you have not posted on for ages. Hope your surgery went well and that your move to B.C. turned out to be an awesome move. I love that part of our country.
    Your card is lovely - very pretty colours and presentation. Hope to see more of your work again soon. Fran (Quick Silver on

    1. Hello sweet Francie, thank you so very much for your touching, caring message. It means the world to me that you left it.

      Our move to B.C. went awesomely and most elements of our life are far better here than when we lived in Ontario. We have our own place, we got our first car (and puppy!), are close to some of my relatives (which is a godsend, because I often need someone to help take care of me, and some of my relatives here are able to assist Tony, or cover for him, a lot of the time in that regard), live in a gorgeous part of the world, and are just so, so much happier overall.

      I'm not been doing well on the health front, over all this year, and haven't crafted a single thing since early January as a result, but hopefully that will change before the year is up.

      How are you doing, dear lady? I miss our PMs on and have thought of you often as well. It truly touches my heart that you wrote here, thank you again.

      Big hugs always,
      ♥ Jessica


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