Monday, April 15, 2013

I'm taking a short blogging hiatus due to medical reasons

Hello my lovelies, as I touched on in my previous post from mid-March, I'll be having surgery again very soon - tomorrow (the 16th) to be exact.

As such, it's likely that my usual routine (online and off alike) will be quite impacted for the next little while I'm recouping. As always, the best ways to stay up-to-date with what's going on in my life are through my main blog, Chronically Vintage, and via social media channels.

In the nearly five weeks since my last post, I haven't had one single moment to devote to crafting, the chief reason amongst which is because on March 18th my husband and I welcome an incredibly darling little (then) eight week old American Bullador (American Bulldog/Labrador Retriever mix) puppy into our family.

We named our sweet bundle of puppy cuteness Annie in celebration of the fact that she was our present to each other this year to mark the ninth anniversary of the day that we met back in 2004 (which Tony and I like to call our "loveiversary" as a way of distinguishing it from our wedding anniversary).

Annie, our darling new American Bullador puppy

Since then, almost all of my time and energy (the latter of which I have precious little of on the very best of days) has been devoted to Annie, just as I'm sure the rest of the spring (save for while I'm recouping post-surgery) and summer will be, too, as we continue to raise the first dog we've ever had as a couple (we both had dogs while growing up, but Annie is the first we've raised together).

That doesn't mean that I won't get in some crafting time (all things willing) of course, just that I've made peace with the fact that I'll probably be spending a lot more time with squeaky toys and obedience training books than I will spools of twine and cardstock over the next little while.

Instagram photo of Annie playing with a plush toy (nine weeks old)

One of the most exciting things amount having an awesome new furry family member is plethora of photos that we've been taking of Annie, and the knowledge that over time, quite a few of them will find their way into my scrapbook pages (something that I'm eagerly looking forward to).

This will likely be my only post this month, as I expect that I'll be recouping from surgery for at least two to three weeks (possibly longer), and doubt I'll be doing well enough to craft or create new blog posts during that time. I'll miss you all very much and look forward to connecting with you here again a little later on in the spring.

Instagram photo of Annie falling asleep against my leg

In my absence, I hope you'll enjoy the cute trio of iPhone photos of Annie in this post (to see even more, be sure to follow me on Instagram).

Thank you very much for your understanding while I'm on this brief medically dictated blogging break. Have a fantastic second half of April, everyone!


  1. Hi Jessica, I hope your surgery went ok and you are doing fine. Get better soon.
    Omg the puppy is adorable xx

  2. Such a cutie!! I have massive dog envy now!! he would definitely add some cuteness to my blog!!!

  3. What a cute puppy! Loving your blog:)

  4. I hope that everything will go fine and we have you back soon.
    Sending love and good vibes.

  5. Your puppy is adorable!

    Have a wonderful day.

  6. Oh goodness, what a great anniversary gift! She is absolutely gorgeous!!!
    xo TJ


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